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The Legend of Korra

Avatar was my first real introduction to the fandom experience- I was a lurker, really, but it was the first time I had felt such a burning need to see what others thought- and when it was over, even though it ended at exactly the right time- I always missed it. I'm so glad it's back! I love Korra, and how she's brash and headstrong and impatient, but willing to learn from her mistakes (and how nice is it to have the female character in an action cartoon a) be the lead and b) not be the 'responsible one'?). I love Bolin and how enthusiastic and confident he is, and I guess I'll warm up to Mako (I suppose I can't blame the boy for the legions of fangirls who are seeing him as Zuko 2.0). I teared up at the bits with Katara, and I am absolutely in love with Lin Bei Fong and Tenzin and his family. 

(side details that were amazing: flying lemurs. Korra rolling up her air nomad sleeves to show off her guns. Mako and Bolin sharing eyebrows. The conversation with the tramp in the park that was both hilarious and heartbreaking, because Aang's bright city is already rotten at the core).

The team has really stepped up and delivered a quality sequel to ATLA, and it really shows in the animation, the design and especially the music. Dear sweet heavens, the music! I just want to roll about in it and download it and have it be the soundtrack to my life forever.

So Mass Effect 3, huh?

Going back and rereading my Mass Effect 2 reaction is hilarious now.

How about that ending (SPOILERS)Collapse )

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

Oh my gosh, so much fun. I thought it couldn't get more fun, and then I played as a krogan. I have yet to unlock any of the other aliens, but I've seen most of them in action (flippy cartwheely drell!) and they are amazing. If you haven't tried multiplayer yet, I'd really reccommend it!

Unless you have anything you need to get done, of course :p

I want pictures! Pictures of Spider-Man!

So I have started a week's work experience at my local newspaper! It's really exciting but also kind of boring at the same time: i spent most of my first day sitting about waiting for people to give me busywork. Hopefully things will be better after the deadline has passed (they have to get the paper out by Wednesday) and things can build up again. On the plus side, I wrote five articles today, and got my own byline! On Wednesday I will be able to finally call myself a published writer, even if it's just 100 words on a local event.

I really think that journalism is what I should be doing: writing 50-100 word articles really suits my style and I'm adapting to the guidelines pretty quickly. If only I could get over waking up at 6.30/7.00 every morning! Oog.

Instert fus ro dah joke here

So Skyrim has pretty much eaten my brain completely: I should have known, for in the dark days of Oblivion I must have played that game more or less exclusively for about half a year, but there it is. This game is like sweet, sweet crack to me and I can't see myself playing anything else until Mass Effect 3 comes out (I did buy and play Assassin's Creed: Revelations but while it was a fun game I only really enjoyed the bits where you got to play as Altair and the multiplayer. I'm really ready for the franchise to take a new direction).

Not unrelatedly, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time writing Skyrim fanfic on my tumblr, which is mainly about my PC Skuld and her misadventures with Erik the Slayer, but also includes a fic about Forsworn/Nord relations in a sort of Romeo and Juliet way, if that's your thing. I'm having a ball writing it, though!

I haven't completely neglected Dragon Age- I'm considering getting Asunder and wrote a short drabble for All That Remains that has been sitting in my head for ages.

In the real world, I'm ploughing through A Dance with Dragons, aka Massive Huge Brick: The Book and searching for employment, which is a long and tortuous process that makes me want to tear my hair out. Now I think of it, maybe my Skyrim obessision is quite easy to explain :/


Please, please tell me I wasn't the only one who found last night's Sherlock unbearably smug.

Especially because some plot points in the last half were spectacularly stupid (the phone passcode, the very very end, the aeroplane) and the whole 'sexy sexy Irene Adler is a sexy dominatrix who is very sexy!' business irritated the hell out of me. In fact, the way Sherlock in general treats its lady characters (poor, poor Molly) irritates the hell out of me.



The Year In Fandom

Yeah, I'm doing it too. Stolen from featheredraven

Read more...Collapse )



So, those of you that follow me on tumblr already know that this Christmas wasn't great for me.

Cut because this is kind of a bummerCollapse )

In non-depressing news, I got a lovely Cath Kidston handbag, enough red wool to make a Sarah-Lund-In-The-Killing-II jumper, and 11's sonic screwdriver. I enjoyed the Doctor Who special a lot, although I got a bit annoyed about the fact that 'special' for women apparently equals 'can have children' in Moffat's mind.

Nadolig Llawen!

Happy Christmas eve, everybody! As usual my grandparents are visiting my family with all the attendant 'fun' that that entails, but I wanted to pop on here and wish you all a very merry Christmas and sort out a few items of business that fell by the wayside during workaggeddon.

1. Like many others, I have blown the dust of my old Dreamwidth account. I'm giefu over there- I'm already friends with rionaleonhart, and if you have an account, I'd love to see you over there too!

2. Community is awesome and I am late to the party as per usual. I mainlined at least two episodes a day for two weeks and have developed a crush on Abed, it's insane.

3. I finished the main quest on Skyrim and am still dragging Erik the Slayer around in lieu of actually marrying him (he's bugged, alas).

4. Tumblr has eaten my life. Send help.
So, I have been working hard for the moneys and haven't had much free time to myself to do anything other than come down with a  truly horrific cold and play Skyrim. I've been amusing myself by writing up some drabbles from my main playthrough: Skuld Wrymsdottir met up with Erik the Slayer (who is nice but a bit stupid) and Barbas, who is a talking dog. Together the three of them roam around Skyrim having hijinks. Right now they're solving a grisly murder although it's more Inspector Clouseau than, say, The Killing.

(Let me gush for a moment about The Killing (the second series of the Danish crime drama, not the inferior shouty American remake)- I LOVE THE KILLING. It is SO GOOD. I especially love how Sarah Lund, the main character, is a female lead who is allowed to look tired all the time and walks away in the middle of conversations that don't interest her. She is amazing. I love her).

Anyway, here are the aforementioned drabbles, reposted from my tumblr. In The Hangover, Skuld regrets interrupting a murder investigation for a drinking contest, and in Seems Legit we see that she is a terrible judge of character.

The HangoverCollapse )

Seems LegitCollapse )


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