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From the Corner to the Blog

Adventures in Mediocrity

Aquatic Banditry
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I am a female nerd from the UK- I like video games with stories, science fiction programmes, comic books, genfic, not taking things too seriously, and ladies being badass- I'm also a practicing Christian. I probably won't read your porn. Sorry.

Thank you for looking at my blog, and I hope that you enjoy what you find here!
aang ain't white, action excitement explosions, art, auntie beeb, avatar: the last airbender, awesome fictional dads, being forgetful, cardiff, cats cats cats, christianity, comic books, comics on the internet, commander shepard is female, complaining, cowboy hat of sexy+5, diana of themyscira, discworld, doctor martha jones, doctor who, epic medieval bromance, four scousers singing songs, history, icons, impossible crossovers, ishac, it's never lupus, jaime reyes: dentist, james winifred darkmagic, john marston's redemption, jolly old blighty, justified, knitting, large cups of tea, live action space cowboys, lucky channel, mornington crescent, morrigan disapproves, my country is tsundere, ned's undead girlfriend, opium addled detective, penny arcade, pretendy funtime games, professor trevor bruttenholm bitch, satire, space time witches, supernatural, swearing while knitting, that was objectionable, the animes, the mysterious boxerman, the other chuck, the rock'n'roll alan bennett, the universe fancies kyon, tweet me harder, video games, writing, wu ao-shi, zevran approves